5 Best sandals Style That You Need to Own

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5 Best sandals Style That You Need to Own

With endless range of styles to choose from, keeping your footwork staple fancy can be quite overwhelming. From laced up styled sandals to the contemporary slide sandals, it might be difficult to decide which pair of all summer sandals can work best with your everyday outfit, not to mention the weather forecast. Therefore, today we have collected the best sandals to keep you one step ahead in the world of women’s fashion.
1. Gladiator sandals
Hail to the gladiator sandals. Contrary to what many of you might have imagined, you do not need model’s legs to rock a pair gladiator sandals. For the best results, try considering adding ankle boots from H&M or a little bit of height of skinny stiletto high heel shoes in nude colorway. Then, just pair them with a midi skirt or A-line dresses with the hemline that stops at your thighs just to create the mirage of leaner legs.
2. Slide sandals
Super comfortable summer staple footwear is making a welcome return. Now, street style shoes are all about slides. From Birkenstock to Adidas, slide sandals are back in a big way. This gender-neutral footwear pieces can be pulled off easily no matter when you are dressing up or dressing down. They could be paired up in a versatile way with anything from jeans to a chic leather clutch. Who said fashionable could not be practical at the same time?
3. T-Strap sandals
T-Strap sandals are considered a summer must have footwear staple. Renowned for their elongating abilities and flattering cut, this style of shoes would be paired up just perfectly with either summer dresses or with your favorite pair of jeans. If you tend to invest in a pair of brown leather sandals, go for a nude, neutral or tan. If you’d like to wear a black belt or carry a black handbag on regular basis, opt for a pair of black leather sandals instead.
4. Lace Up sandals
Laced sandals in leather and suede are both flattering and considered always trendy. This type of shoes has made its own presence felt since the last summer, and has become popular ever since. While a pair of laced up sandals together with off shoulder tops (Link : https://th.hm.com/ladies/shop-by-product/tops/off-shoulder-tops.html) will make quite a loud statement, other items in neutral colors and a subtle basic piece will balance the style right back for the total outfits.

5. Neutral Color sandals
Neutral now is all about statement footwear with subtle designs in basic colors, like a simple ash, tan, grey or taupe sandals that can be worn with anything. Apart from the versatility, neutrals tones can also help elongate your legs, projecting the mirage of leaner and longer pins. Pull off this style with anything from denim jeans to summer dresses. A pair of neutral color sandals with simple cut will look good anytime anywhere, just make sure your pedicure is on point.
A final tip for every woman out there who would like to opt for the comfortable but stylish footwear like sandals: take a good care of your feet by getting a pedicure session! This look would not appear to be great without a nice pair of feet. However, if you love the freedom and comfortability that sandals provide, but still have no clue on how to style them up, just try out one of these items of our advice.