5 mens clothing pieces every guy should have (Casual Style Edition)

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5 mens clothing pieces every guy should have (Casual Style Edition)

If you are someone who is rather dressing more casual than formal for your everyday looks, then you are at the right place. Here are the five mens clothing pieces every guy should consider buying to keep your items as few as possible while you can create the maximum outfits for casual chic style out of it.

Item #1 – Outerwear
It is not necessary to own number of fancy outerwear; you just need one nice piece that would elevate you look every time you have it on. An outerwear is another mens clothing that you need to choose wisely to make sure it matches your style as each material and pattern would give totally different vibes to your look. For instance, a trench coat , a leather jacket will make the look more tough looks while a jean jacket gives you a stylish and dressier look.

Item #2 – Button up shirts or linen shirts
Button up shirts are pieces that would just basically formalize your ordinary outfits. Although they are perfect to be dressed up for formal events, some styles of button up shirts are also great for casual days. Shirts that are made from different materials tend to give an unalike feeling. For example, linen shirts would provide you beachy outgoing vibes to your outfit, so they are better match for the casual days than those made by cotton which tend to be worn for work or more formalized look.

Item #3 – T shirts
The first item, obviously a must have item, a t shirt. One of the most basic mens clothing item that is applicable for so many different occasions. The variety of t shirts’ sizes, fits, materials and colors allow you to create so many looks from something very easy and casual looking up to more formal looks especially when you layer it up with other outerwear like suits. Although a printed t shirts from H&M is easy to find and to buy, it would be wise to always consider the quality of the piece to ensure the best-looking appearance it gives.

Item #4 – A pair of jeans
Jeans are super variety in term of choices. They come ripped, unripped, faded, colored, plain, sometime with gimmicks and decoration. They are also available in different fits from skinny, straight, slim, and loose. If you have to choose just a pair of jeans, the suggestion would be in any fit that you would feel comfortable in with basic jeans color. It is guaranteed to be the most used item of your wardrobe since it’s simple and can be dressed up or down with other items so easily.

Item #5 – A pair white sneakers
A pair of white sneakers can be said to be one of the most popular items in the past few years. Because of its simplicity and the ease to mix with other items, many people have picked a pair of white sneakers to add to their wardrobe. Not just for casual looks that it could give, white sneakers can be worn for more formal, neat and well-thought outfit. You may go for plain white sneakers for minimal looks. However, you can still opt for some sneakers with some decorations.

Listed above are most basic items that you must own to build up a bigger wardrobe from just a few pieces. It would also be a great idea to have a few fancy pieces to lift up your outfit especially on your special days!