5 best bikini bottoms trends to invest in

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5 best bikini bottoms trends to invest in

   If you are about to buy new bikini bottoms for this season, our advice on the best 2020 bikini bottoms trends is a nice place to begin with. Now most people are still working from home. To relax from stressful works, you can also dress up just for fun. Try putting on swimsuits, beach dresses or a bikini bottoms at home from time to time. Apart from sandals from H&M, for those of you who love sunbathing bikini bottoms could actually be practical at home.

   Currently, these 2020 swimsuits trends are available in stores. There will be so much for you to choose. Hence, study these trends and find the new bikini bottoms that speaks to you.

1. Glittering Lurex
The shiny and shimmery texture of a Lurex swimwear makes it suitable and fun for summertime. Lurex is currently in fashion, and you can see it almost everywhere. New bikini bottoms pieces are cut in beautiful colors like violet, purple, magenta, turquoise, lapis blue or even basic black. You can think of this trend as a vibrant party maker piece to wear on your upcoming vacation. Apart from Lurex, many brands also offer wide range of sparkling materials such as glitter, embellishments, or metallic foils. Metallic swimsuits tops with deep hue can be a good element to create a striking look for sunny days as well. 
2. Lovely Ruffles
We know how much many of you love ruffles. It helps add that girly feminine touch to the sleek silhouette on typical beach dresses. Ruffles is considered to be one of the most exciting trends for swimwear this year. As you can see in stores, several brands are now playing with classic silhouettes. Then, they add ruffle details both on seams and shoulder straps. To create a chic look that is perfect for summertime, try pairing ruffle bikini bottoms with beach dresses and a pair of sandals from H&M .

3.  Multitask Pieces
The versatility of this trend is perfect for almost every easygoing occasion, and it is also a great way to portray that fresh, fun, and playful vibe. In 2020, the next big and trendy thing for swimwear is those pieces that can multitask. This means swimsuits will have the capability to be utilized in many ways, and also for many occasions. Nowadays, to serve the purpose of consuming less and purchasing better. You can also achieve this modern concept of fashion by styling a bikini bottoms with beach dresses and sandals, or layering linen shirts over vintage swimsuits.

4.  Classy Prints
Every season of fashion always comes with prints. As for swimwear trends, this year is all about to revisit all the classic motifs. The biggest fashion trends that we are seeing very often these days are updated versions of the most classic patterns. You can pull these print swimsuits off by choosing those featuring the fresh twist, like modern silhouettes or interesting details.
5. The Minimalist
Swimwear with simple and sleek silhouette is also a huge trend for this season. Classic one-pieces, double strap bikini bottoms, and one-shoulder necklines are all considered stylish. Alternatively, you can choose to wear those with bright and vivid colors to make your outfit pop. Neon color tops can also be paired up with floral print skirt and sandals to create a playful combination.