How to find a good lawyer in Bangkok

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How to find a good lawyer in Bangkok

As a foreigner who is not familiar with the customs, traditions, norms, and lifestyle in Bangkok area, it is better for you to find a lawyer in Bangkok to guide or advise you with all activity matters that you are intending to do such as doing business, investment, prepare contract, dealing with supplier, apply visa, help you in family problem and a lot all things that has an impact to your life and business.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which is composed of a combination of various of expats who are mostly here for a short period of time as tourist and those expats who are here for a long period of time, most of them stay here for business, work, retirement, live with Thai family etc.

There are several districts (city) in Bangkok on which you can find more information via this link; Learn more about Bangkok.

While life goes on during your stay in Bangkok, you should also make sure that you comply with the Thai law and regulation such as Immigration law, labor law, business law, criminal law, civil law, property law etc. (and also the curfew law during Covid-19)

Or if you already have legal issues and looking for someone to assist you.

That why you should have some lawyer in Bangkok in your watchlist to standby and assist you if something happens to you.

So, we are creating this content to allow you to know information about how to find a good lawyer in Bangkok and how they can exactly help you.

Table of Content
- General information about lawyer in Bangkok.
- Lawyer in Bangkok’s scope of work.
- Segment of lawyer in Bangkok.
- Why you should hire Thai lawyer instead of foreign lawyer.
- How you should consider before hiring Bangkok lawyer.
- Conclusion

We hope the above information can provide you some idea how you can find a good lawyer in Bangkok. These methods can be used when you look for a lawyer in other provinces of Thailand as well.

If you are new or it is your first time to travel to Bangkok and you need to do something here like set up business, Thai Visa, family issue, accident or other, you need to find or consult with a lawyer first.

We know Thailand is the country of smiles, but you should not underestimate the situation around you, because we’ve witnessed a lot of problems that occurred to the foreigners here.

It is a good idea to find a lawyer in Bangkok to secure your benefit and standby for you during you are in Bangkok.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Bangkok.

Thank you.

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