THAI BAMBOO CANES AandT is the manufacturer and the exporter of Thai bamboo canes for over 15 years.

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Bamboo supports all four basic necessities of life” said Nimitr Suchronesom founder of Northern Bamboo canes Invention and a director of a bamboo research centre in Nakhon Ratchasima referring to the Buddhist philosophy which refers to food shelter clothing and medicine. Found across many continents including Asia Africa Australia and Central and South America this versatile giant grass is now finding itself sprouting amongst many sectors of the world’s innovative economies. One of the fastest growing and ubiquitous plants in the world bamboo can grow up to 30 centimetres per day and has been interwoven into the fabric of human society for millennia. According to Southwest Forestry College China bamboo thai utilisation in Asia dates back to second millennium BC’s Shang Dynasty China’s second dynasty when bamboo was used to make arrows. Today with over a thousand species found across the world bamboo is used across a bewildering number of industries and sectors from food to medicine to construction to textile and craft.

“In Thailand bamboo is mostly found in the central and northern regions” explained Nimitr. Like our Chinese neighbours we Thais are also very familiar with bamboo: we cook its shoots and roots in a plethora of ways; weave it’s strips into numerous items for daily life from baskets to mats use its resilient and durable stems which are both termite resistant and harder than most hardwoods in construction materials furniture making even vehicle manufacturing; and when in the jungle we roast our rice in it over a fire. In the south of Thailand it is even put into the sea to attract baby mussels in mussel farms. It seems as though it is only our imagination which limits our usage of [url=]bamboo thai[/url]. “In medical science they are even eyeing its leaves for its antioxidant compounds” said Nimitr.

The use of bamboo in construction though widespread in our part of the world is beginning to take off in the West emerging as a popular material used by innovative designers and architects who are finding use and inspiration in its versatility and strength. “In engineering the pipe is the sturdiest material” said Markus Roselieb of Chiang Mai Life Construction who is known for his award winning Panyaden International School design which use bamboo as one of its main materials. “And its joints make it twice as strong. So you’ve got naturally grown pipes with joints plus the smooth skin and on top of that it is lightweight what more can you ask for” asked Markus. And as it takes only three or four years to be fully grown thai bamboo far exceeds hardwoods at reproduction. Another distinctive feature is the flexibility. In 1999 Colombia faced a devastating earthquake which led to nearly 500 deaths mostly from falling rubble according to The Guardian. Yet the poor’s bamboo canes housing mostly withstood the devastation.